Edward Potts

Staff Geologist

Photo of Edward


Mr. Potts is a results-driven and knowledgeable geoscientist with a broad background in geophysics, international experience in related research and industries, and a varied skillset. With interest in all geoscientific disciplines, Ed is excited to be contributing to groundwater management in California.

His experience includes geophysical and petrophysical data collection, processing, and interpretation, basin studies and geological mapping, interpretation and stratigraphic correlation of borehole and well logs, and geomodelling. He has used industry-standard software for geophysical and geospatial analyses, which he is bringing to bear on groundwater basin characterization projects, especially those involving use of the statewide airborne electromagnetic (AEM) geophysical surveys from the Department of Water Resources.

Academic Background:

M.S., Applied Petroleum Geoscience, Graduated with Merit, University of Derby, Derby, UK, 2019
B.S., Geology, University of Derby, Derby, UK, 2018