Modeled flowpaths overlaid on an aerial photo of Pauba Valley

Groundwater Modeling

Todd Groundwater provides a full range of numerical and analytical modeling services to simulate surface water and groundwater flow and chemical fate and transport.

For almost 30 years our highly experienced modeling staff have been applying mathematical models to simulate local and multi-basin hydrogeologic systems in order to predict flow conditions and solute fate and transport. A hydrogeologic conceptual model is often developed to support flow and/or solute transport modeling in complex hydrogeologic settings. We produce well-calibrated, technically-sound and scientifically-defensible models, which have been used for successful litigation support, groundwater development, and groundwater management.

The development of a numerical model represents only one of the many skills needed to support complex water management decisions. With our abiding focus on groundwater, we provide expertise in all the hydrogeologic, environmental, and economic factors affecting water resource availability and sustainability.

Mathematical and Analytical Modeling Software

  • MODFLOW for groundwater flow (with various graphical user interfaces including GW Vistas, GMS, Visual MODFLOW, and the native text files)
  • MT3D for solute transport
  • FEFLOW for groundwater and density-dependent flow and solute transport
  • PEST for parameter estimation
  • WASP for surface water flow
  • GSFLOW for surface water flow
  • GIS-based ArcHydro for conceptual model development
  • AQTESOLV for mounding analysis and aquifer testing
  • EXCEL for Salt and Nutrient loading analysis
  • GIS-based assessment of groundwater vulnerability
  • Customized software development (Perl, Visual Basic, FORTRAN)

Modeling Applications

We have applied analytical and numerical models to a wide range of projects, including:

  • Groundwater management
  • Aquifer and well field yield and well interference
  • Well field design and operation
  • Recharge basin analysis in terms of capacity, performance, and quality impacts
  • Recycled water injection and recharge travel time predictions for compliance with California Division of Drinking Water regulations
  • Surface water/groundwater interactions
  • Seawater intrusion
  • Contaminant fate and transport and remediation
  • Salt and nutrient loading for Salt and Nutrient Management Plans
  • Geotechnical de-watering and drain modeling

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