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Well and Water Supply Development

Todd Groundwater is highly experienced in the full range of water supply and well development, including siting, design, installation, and testing of high capacity water supply wells and the development of groundwater resources. We are also experienced in other uses of wells such as dewatering wells, monitoring wells, injection/recovery wells for aquifer storage and recovery, and injection wells for wastewater disposal.

Groundwater is among the nationís most important natural resources and plays a vital role in maintaining California's economic and environmental sustainability. During an average year, groundwater in California contributes approximately 38 percent toward the state's total water supply. Because groundwater basins provide a natural reservoir, if properly managed they can serve as a critical buffer against the impacts of drought and climate change. Accordingly, during dry years, groundwater contributes up to 46 percent (or more) of Californiaís water supply.

Well Services

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Todd Groundwater can assist you with a broad range of well and development services.

  • Municipal, agricultural, and industrial supply
  • Aquifer storage and recovery
  • Recycled water injection wells
  • Wastewater injection wells (Underground Injection Control Program)
  • Dewatering wells
  • Monitoring programs and well design
  • Well siting and well field design
  • Well specifications and design
  • Geologic logging
  • Aquifer testing
  • Analysis of geophysical logs
  • Vertical flow and quality profiling
  • Source water assessments
  • Well planning and rehabilitation

Todd Groundwater has experience with a variety of well drilling and construction methodologies. Our projects routinely include working with drilling companies who employ direct and reverse mud rotary, air rotary, cable tool, hollow stem and bucket auger, sonic, and percussive hammer drilling methods. We are versed in well construction techniques associated with all of these methods. Todd Groundwater prepares detailed technical specifications guiding well drilling and construction.

Potential Well Impacts

While groundwater can be an essential component of a diversified water supply portfolio and a hedge against drought, it is important to also comsider the potential impacts of groundwater development. Todd Groundwater provides an understanding of those potential impacts and can assist you in developing sustainable groundwater resources.

  • Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs)
  • Basin sustainable-perennial yield studies
  • Water balance and hydrogeologic evaluations
  • Evaluation and modeling of well interference
  • Characterization of surface water/groundwater interaction
  • Subsidence

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