Michael P. Maley

Principal Hydrogeologist

Photo of Mike


Mr. Maley is both a licensed professional geologist and civil engineer with over 25 years of groundwater consulting experience that extends from environmental compliance and remediation to substantial recent experience with water resources projects including groundwater management plans, aquifer recharge, groundwater banking, and preparation of Groundwater Sustainability Plans. Mike is an experienced project manager who, through multi-year client relationships, has become a trusted advisor. He also has served as an expert witness.

Mike's primary technical expertise includes hydrogeologic characterization; he utilizes GIS and detailed databases to manage information and build conceptual hydrogeological models that are based on integrated assessment of varied data sets (e.g., well logs, aquifer tests, streamflow, groundwater levels, water quality and other parameters) and are used by other scientists, engineers, planners and managers to support decision making.

He brings technical expertise with development and application of groundwater models to provide groundwater basin evaluations, sustainable yield estimates, land subsidence evaluations, groundwater-surface water interactions, groundwater recharge programs, and water quality evaluations. He has developed models for groundwater management (e.g., Scotts Valley, Twentynine Palms), large-scale banking projects (e.g., Antelope Valley, San Francisco PUC), and recharge projects (Palmdale, Water Replenishment District of Southern California. Mike has expertise with MODFLOW/MT3D, FEFLOW and analytical models and extensive experience with the regional model for the Central Valley, C2VSim, having led its modification and application for groundwater sustainability planning in Kern County. He also has developed models for risk assessment, engineering design, litigation support, water resource evaluation, and groundwater management, including large scale groundwater banking projects. His expertise extends to water balance modeling for watersheds and lakes. He has managed water quality evaluations, including salt and nutrient plans and hydrogeological assessments to help design water supply wells to minimize natural water quality constituents such as arsenic, hexavalent chromium, fluoride and TDS.

Professional Credentials and Academic Background:

Professional Engineer, Civil, California, No. 53424
Professional Geologist, California, No. 5270
Certified Hydrogeologist, California, No. 654
Certified Engineering Geologist, California, No. 1869

MS, Geological Engineering, University of Missouri-Rolla
MS, Geology, University of Oklahoma
BS, Geology, Texas Christian University