Maureen K. Reilly

Senior Engineer

Photo of Maureen


Ms. Reilly is recognized for her systematic approach to projects, applying sophisticated technical tools to the resolution of water resource issues. As project manager, she has led many projects focusing on water supply and demand. She has worked on several Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSP) for the sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), including critically over drafted basins. Maureen has also been involved in water supply assessment (WSA) projects, Urban Water Management Plans, and Annual Reports for regional agencies.

Maureen is experienced in analytical and semi-analytical groundwater modeling programs, numerical methods, water quality analysis, and water balance analyses, all in the context of groundwater management. She has prepared groundwater basin condition and water balance sections for various GSPs including Kern River GSA, San Benito County Water District GSA, and Bedford Coldwater GSA. She has developed several models including a highly dynamic Kern Fan Model and has worked with a variety of models, model software, and modelers to apply the numerical tools to answer groundwater management questions. Currently, she is the project engineer for the North San Benito Groundwater Basin GSP where she is involved in all aspects of the GSP and participates in public workshops and Technical Advisory Committee meetings.

She has been the project manager for over fifteen successful WSAs in compliance with California Senate Bill 610. These have addressed a variety of proposed developments - residential, commercial, industrial and institutional (even a hospital, mine, and wallboard factory) - in locations from Santa Clara County to Imperial County. These assessments require description of the service area, evaluation of current and future water demands, assessment of available water supply under normal rainfall and drought conditions, and documentation of threats to the available water supply. All of her SB 610 projects have benefited from her coordination of involved planning and water agencies.

She is experienced in many relevant computer applications, including databases, programming languages, and geographic information system (GIS) technologies. Maureen uses these tools to compile and summarize data for many purposes, to present relevant data for non-technical audiences, or to aid model development.

Academic Background and Professional Credentials:

Professional Civil Engineer California, No. C67841
Professional Civil Engineer Texas, No. 109539

MS, Environmental Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, 2002
BS, Systems Engineering, University of Virginia, 2001