Todd Groundwater is conveniently located in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area.  We are minutes away from Oakland, San Francisco, San José and three international airports.
Todd Groundwater is located on the island of Alameda in the San Francisco Bay.
The Todd Groundwater office is in the Legacy Alameda Center office park, which sits between the southern ends of the Webster and Posey Tubes — a pair of road tunnels that pass under the Alameda channel and connect the island of Alameda to the city of Oakland. The Webster Tube carries traffic in the southbound direction, from Oakland to Alameda. The Posey Tube carries traffic in the northbound direction, from Alameda to Oakland.
Navigating the one-way road systems that deliver traffic from the Webster Tube into Alameda and that marshall Oakland-bound traffic into the Posey tube can be challenging for first-time visitors. Detailed routes from the Webster Tube to the Todd Groundwater office and from the Todd Groundwater office to the Posey Tube are shown below.

From Webster Tube (A) to Todd Groundwater (B):

From Todd Groundwater (A) to Posey Tube (B):