Eugene B. (Gus) Yates

Senior Hydrogeologist

Photo of Gus


Mr. Yates is an accomplished Senior Hydrologist and water resources expert. His extensive experience — initially with the USGS and also as a consulting hydrologist — has been science-based and focused on projects that require critical thinking skills and the application of hydrologic principles and methods. Mr. Yates is technically skilled with the ability to use data creatively and practically in combination with field investigations, computer models, statistics, and traditional analysis methods. He is recognized for his breadth of knowledge in multiple disciplines — including soils, geology, geomorphology, climatology, land use, water use, agronomy, vegetation ecology, fisheries biology, and riparian ecology — and for his comprehension of the critical aspects of complex natural hydrologic and water supply systems.

Mr. Yates is an experienced project manager with exceptional communication skills, who has consulted successfully with public agencies, private-sector clients, and non-profit groups in groundwater and surface water hydrology, biohydrology, and water resources management. He is an acknowledged expert in basin yield analysis, groundwater modeling, quantification of groundwater budgets, and evaluation of groundwater flow and quality. His work has included numerous projects with Todd Groundwater, for example, addressing potential environmental impacts on groundwater of a variety of projects, and providing hydrogeologic support to ongoing groundwater basin management in San Benito County. He currently is engaged in several Salt/Nutrient Management Plans being developed in accordance with the Recycled Water Policy.

Academic Background and Professional Credentials:

Professional Geologist California, No. 7178
Certified Hydrogeologist California, No. 740

MS, Water Science, University of California, Davis, 1985
BA, Geology, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 1979