Edwin H. Lin

Principal Hydrogeologist

Photo of Edwin


Mr. Lin has over 19 years of experience in groundwater basin management, including evaluation of technical feasibility, water level/quality impacts, and regulatory compliance of managed aquifer recharge projects involving local stormwater, imported water, and recycled water; groundwater supply exploration and development; and basin conceptual model refinement. Mr. Lin has extensive experience in the construction of municipal water supply and monitoring wells using a variety of drilling methods and in the design and implementation of single- and multi-well aquifer pumping tests. In addition to hands-on field experience, he is skilled in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) database development and spatial analysis, groundwater flow and vadose zone modeling, geochemical analysis techniques, and application of advanced environmental statistics.

In addition, Mr. Lin has expertise on physical clogging mechanisms and pre-treatment options prior to Aquifer Storage and Recovery and has published papers in cooperation with the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) on these topics.

Recent projects for which Edwin held key responsibilities include a multi-year hydrogeologic study for the Mojave Water Agency of the Centro and Baja subareas within the Mojave Basin Area. The study assimilates the body of knowledge gained from decades of study in the area and provides a comprehensive document as a foundation for management decisions in the Centro and Baja subareas. Key findings have advanced the understanding of the relationship between local and regional production and downstream discharge and recharge along the Mojave River. Edwin is also assisting the West Basin Municipal Water District to satisfy CDPH permit requirements related to the proposed injection of 100% recycled water into the West Coast Basin Barrier in Southern California. Using intrinsic tracers and innovative geochemical plotting techniques, Edwin is helping the District to better understand the complex fate and transport processes of recycled water in the subsurface. He also recently revised the monitoring and reporting program for a private landfill in Southern California, which included application of non-parametric statistical methods to address complex site hydrogeologic and groundwater quality conditions while satisfying federal and states monitoring performance standards.

Edwin has also served as the Project Hydrogeologist for several salt/nutrient management plans (SNMPs) prepared in accordance with the SWRCB Recycled Water Policy that included stakeholder participation, basin characterization, salt loading analysis with calibration to historical trends, development of a monitoring plan and implementation measures, and definition of goals and objectives.

Academic Background and Professional Credentials:

Professional Geologist California, No. 8312
Certified Hydrogeologist California, No. 907

MS, Groundwater Hydrology, Flinders University, Australia, 2006
BS, Geological and Environmental Sciences, Stanford University, 1998