Amber J. Ritchie

Associate Hydrogeologist

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Ms. Ritchie has four years of experience in groundwater investigation including field work, groundwater basin characterizations, monitoring, and GIS database and data management.

Her field experience includes a variety of projects. She has assisted with production well installation and testing including logging, evaluation of geophysical logs, aquifer testing, water quality sampling, and vertical profiling for water quality. She has participated in managed aquifer recharge (MAR) feasibility studies in Monterey, Sonoma, Santa Clara, and Riverside counties, some of these studies involving indirect potable reuse (IPR) of recycled water. She is experienced in infiltration testing, cone penetrometer testing (CPT), and drilling, logging and soil sampling during installation of monitoring wells.

She has increasing responsibility for groundwater monitoring programs, including field monitoring and data management, analysis, and reporting. For example, she currently is responsible for monitoring of groundwater levels, groundwater quality, and subsidence in the City of East Palo Alto and assists with data analysis and annual reporting. She is responsible for monitoring in the Ocotillo Groundwater Basin in Imperial County, including compilation of data, preparation of hydrographs and groundwater level maps, analysis of groundwater level trends, documentation of groundwater quality conditions and trends, and preparation of an annual report.

With a certification in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Ms. Ritchie brings experience in database creation and application to groundwater basin investigations. Recently, she has applied her database/GIS skills to an evaluation of aquifer properties and groundwater quality in Simi Valley Groundwater Basin; development of a hydrogeologic conceptual model of the San Mateo Plain Subbasin; and analysis of aquifer properties over a 400-square mile area in the Kern Subbasin.

Academic Background and Professional Credentials:

Professional Geologist California, No. 9476

MS, Hydrogeology, Illinois State University, 2012
BS, Geology, Clemson University, 2010